Welcome to Operaversity!

Hello, and welcome to Operaversity!


If you’ve stumbled upon this blog in its early days, then welcome to you! You may be looking around thinking, “Wow, this is pretty cool!” or “I’m so glad I found this site!” (okay, that’s at least what I hope you’re thinking). You may also be thinking though, “What is this place?” or “Haven’t I seen these posts somewhere before?”.


To give you preliminary answers to some of your questions, this is Operaversity. It is a blog dedicated to supporting singers and teachers throughout their careers by providing information, resources, and support. You can read more about that here.

I’ve been blogging for about a year (which explains where you may have seen many of these posts before), but I decided to move the blog over to its own site. I had bigger dreams for this site than my professional site could hold, hence the new home.


Perhaps the most exciting thing you can do right now is subscribe! I know, I know, you’re thinking, “How is that exciting for me?” Well, because of the awesome freebies you get when you do!

I’m going to give all of you a choice of subscription. You can either subscribe to List #1 and receive the free #AriaRefresh eCourse, or you can subscribe to List #2 and receive worksheets on creating an amazing studio policy for your voice studio. Both subscriptions will come with weekly posts and updates. List #1 will come with extra updates for performers, and List #2 will come with extras for teachers.

(Hint Hint: If you really can’t decide, you could always subscribe to both!)


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(Another note: If you’ve already subscribed by the top bar or the side bar, you are already subscribed to the general blog. That means you will continue to receive blog updates as well as discounts and all that jazz. Your subscriptions, however, will not be category specific).



Now that you have the gist as to what Operaversity has to offer you, take some time to poke around and dig into the content more. If you’d like suggestions on particular posts to check out, visit our Start Here page listed in the top bar. Also, take a moment to follow us on social media via the right hand social icons, or even just send us a message to say hi! We’d love to hear from you.




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