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You are talented. You are amazing. You have a story to tell. It’s about time the world hears it.


The mission here is to guide you through your career, either as a singer, a teacher, or both. So often we’re told that we have to struggle through on our own and figure things out for ourselves. That’s true… to an extent. But wouldn’t it be great if there was a site that offered you tons of courses, books, and other resources to help you combine artistry and intelligence? Not only that, but it would offer it all for a low cost to you and in the comfort of your own home? Well, now there is. It’s called Operaversity.


Furthermore, if you’re interested in the world of opera and classical music from an audience member’s perspective, Operaversity has you covered too! With various listening guides, product recommendations, and commentaries on events in the opera world, Operaversity makes it fun, safe, and easy to begin building a love of opera.


This site is young, but already the posts and products that have been created here have been deemed as “useful”, “creative”, and (my personal favorite), “Exactly what I needed!”


To get you started, here’s a list of posts you might want to check out first. The first section features all of the posts that offer free content for you, such as worksheets and webinars. The second lists the most popular posts on the site (which can also be found in the left hand side bar. The final section shares posts that dive deeper into what Operaversity is all about. 


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Free with subscription

The #AriaRefresh 5-day eCourse, making your arias feel like new

Your Guide to Creating a Complete Studio Policy, a must for all private music teachers


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Posts about Operaversity

Welcome to Operaversity!

Why I Created Operaversity


If you like what is offered for free, be sure to check out our courses page and our store as well, which offers premium products that will go even further to assist you in the world of opera. Furthermore, if you would like to suggest a course, product, or post, or if you would like to submit a product for review, please use the contact form here



Photo Credit to Jason Chen

Photo Credit to Jason Chen

About Kristen Seikaly

I am a Philadelphia based writer, singer and voice teacher. I am a graduate of the University of Michigan and Westminster Choir College. Some of my work and thoughts can also be found on Schmopera, Taminophile, Philly Music Lessons, and The Vibrant Vocalist. Additionally, I am a member of the National Association of Teachers of Singing and the American Guild of Musical Artists. To learn more about me or to work with me, please visit my professional website here.



*Disclaimer – Operaversity is not an accredited institution, nor are any of its courses available for college credit. Some pages contain affiliate links. All pages contain awesome information for you.

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